Localização do Chill Inn Hostel & Pousada Paraty

Onde está o Chill Inn Hostel & Pousada Paraty?

Ideally located on the Praia do Pontal beach, 3 minutes from the Historic Center.

Address: Orlando Carpinelli, 133 – Pontal, Paraty, RJ – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Upon your arrival in Paraty, you can walk to Chill Inn from the bus station (10 min walk).
Check out the map below or ask someone at the bus station, they?ll point you in the right direction!

Just give us a call +55 24 3371-2545.

As coordenadas do GPS

-23.171, -44.6612

Avise-nos de sua chegada

+55 24 3371-2545